Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just roll with it

Oh I have had quite the week. Little man had this cough that was no big deal until Monday morning where it turned into a wheezing. I took him to the pediatrician and he gave him a nebulizer treatment and cleared him to go home. Not even 4 hours later he was really struggling to breath. He was showing all the signs of distress I was trained to notice when we were in the NICU. I could see his ribs when he breathed, his stomach was indenting under his lungs, his nostrils were flaring, he was head bobbing in his sleep and his breathing was strained and shallow.

I scooped him up and headed to the ER. With Henry you never know how his lungs are going to react. Once we were in the ER he couldn't keep his oxygen saturation up or his breathing under control so he was admitted to the hospital at midnight.

Surprisingly I just rolled with it. I think I kept my cool and took it as it came. I could have freaked out or melted down and I'll admit I shed a tear or two in the car on the way home to get Henry's medications. Overly though I know Henry's been through a lot worse and this little blip was a cake walk for him. My child of course took it in stride. From all the steroids and nebulizer treatments you would think someone had slipped the kid speed. He was bouncing off the walls. Literally at 4 am we were doing laps around the nurses station.

The one thing Henry has taught me is to keep smiling even when it's tough. Sure he was a little clingy and wasn't feeling 100% but he never lets anything stop him. He was jumping up in down in his crib and making all the nurses laugh despite his breathing issues. Apparantly someone forgot to tell Henry he was sick and should rest.

Thankfully it was a short stay and we're back home now and doing nebulizer treatments every 4 hours around the clock coupled with steroids. So sleep isn't quite happening, for me at least. We'll be having lots of doctor visits coming up now as well. Back to the pediatrician, then to his lung doctor and a back to the nephrologist to make sure the albuterol isn't affecting his blood pressure medication.

Another day, another issue, another lesson, another hurdle. It never ends but the one thing I've learned is to just roll with it because I know it could be worse.


  1. Holy Smokes! You two are amazing! Sweet baby, great mommy! SO glad he's home!

  2. i'm SOOO glad henry had a short stay at the hospital!! he's a trooper!!