Monday, January 10, 2011

My Little Drummer Boy

Raising a toddler is hard. Not that you all didn't know that but more often then not I find myself exhausted and not knowing wether to cry or just laugh. When Henry has kicked over the dogs water bowl and submerged himself in a slobbery puddle for the second time before noon, I don't know what else to do but laugh sometimes.

Henry is active, rambunctious and a little sweet hand full. He's curious, inquisitive and into everything. He'll climb on it, under it, knock it over and try to take it a part. I'm not going to lie I get frustrated most days. Yet I'm thankful he is so smart and inquisitive. We 100% prepared ourselves for the day when early intervention would have to come into our home. For the first year we worked with Henry to make sure he would hit all his milestones and watched closely for any signs he may be falling behind. I tried to do everything I could for him to help him along. Miraculously he flew past all his milestones and is right on track.

I took some time this morning to capture Henry enjoying one of his favorite toys. So here is my little drummer boy.




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