Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miracles Do Happen

Back in September Henry had an infant PFT (Pulmonary Function Test). It is a non invasive test where he is orally sedated and a vest is placed on him to control his breathing. His lung capacity and function is then monitored, recorded and eventually interpreted. We had the test done because the results of the test would give us an idea of where Henry was and if there were any issues we needed to worry about.

Last year Henry came down with a cold and ended up in the hospital. He was having a really hard time breathing and couldn't keep his oxygen levels up. He was put on a nebulizer and given steroids. During the winter months this is a common thing for all babies and children so we truly weren't sure if he was acting normally or if this was going to be an underlying issue for us every time he got sick.

I finally was able to get a hold of Henry's pulmonary doctor yesterday to get his PFT results. (The fact that I had to wait 4 months is annoying but at this point the results were so amazing I really don't care). When the doctor called me he apologized because he thought he had already shared the results with me. He said, "I've been bragging about Henry to everyone". He then explained that Henry's results were amazing. He has better lung function then a normal person with fully developed lungs.

Say What?? Are you kidding me?? To put this in perspective when Henry was born we had a NICU nurse tell us that they had never seen a baby on ventilator settings as high as Henry. We were at a point where they had no more options and if his lungs didn't respond to the highest settings then there was nothing else they could do. He even had two holes (pneumothoraces) in his lungs due to the high ventilator settings.

So I am writing this post to say miracles do happen. Kids do beat the odds. No matter how bad it may seem it can get better. I have been to the darkest place and through Henry have seen the light. I feel blessed as a human being to be pushed emotionally, to be forced to look inward and search out the good, to learn faith and belief, to never give up.

The most important lesson I have learned on this journey is one that I can not even put into words. When Henry was born I was humbled, I learned that there are forces greater then the human being out there. I learned that life is very fragile. I was instantly changed as a person. Life became more about the connections, about living, and above all about loving. I learned to be selfless and through that have received more from life then I ever imagined. I am thankfully for the child I have and the journey I have gone on with him. He truly is my little miracle.

"Every moment of light and dark is a miracle."
-Walt Whitman

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